150 R Andover St
Danvers MA 01923
Inside Danvers Indoor Sports


Opening April 2017!!

Gymja Warrior
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Gymja Warrior located inside Danvers Indoor Sports! 

GYMJA WARRIOR is a gym with obstacles inspired by the Japanese TV hit Sasuke/American Ninja Warrior.  Our age appropriate classes will be designed to meet our student’s skill levels with individual level coaching in limited size classes. Students will progressively learn how to express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles focusing primarily in improving full upper body strength in fun, challenging ways while teaching visually exciting and creative moves and techniques found in Gymnastics, Parkour, Freerunning and Rock Climbing.

GYMJA WARRIOR’s MISSION is to have a safe and fun haven for young and adult athletes that want to learn challenging ways to get fit, solve problems and set goals. 

GYMJA WARRIOR’s GOAL is to build strong upper bodies to make them great athletes in any sport. Through play, we are making it as fun as possible so that our athletes won't realize they are working out.


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