Andover, MA

Gymja Warrior is proud to serve the town of Andover. Now Andover residents can visit our indoor gym that has obstacles inspired by the Japanese TV hit Sasuke/American Ninja Warrior!  Andover is only 26 minutes away from our main location which makes it an easy commute for all locals. Our classes vary for all ages and skill levels, from learning the basics of Tricking, Tumbling, and Parkour to kids and adult Gymja Warrior classes.
With over 33,000 residents, over 40% of households have children under the age of 18. Our programs and classes are perfect for these households, because while we are not far from Andover, we also offer afterschool programs, where your kids and their friends can have the time of their lives while exercising and socializing. This, along with the academic, social, emotional, and health benefits make Andover residents our perfect customers.


In these classes, students will be challenged both physically and mentally through all the basic skills and techniques found in Parkour, Rock Climbing, Gymnastics, and Free Running engaging in creative drills and games in a fun but safe environment. All of our students will learn the important aspects of the Parkour philosophy such as overcoming fear, solving problems, setting goals and promoting a high level of physical fitness teaching visually exciting and creative moves to progressively learn how to express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles. Come exercise in a new way with your family and friends at our unique gym by joining a class through our website or by using our contact form if you have any questions!

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