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Importance of Upper Body Strength

It is important to have good upper body strength to perform everyday tasks and activities, especially for kids! Here are a few reasons why children should work out their upper body strength and how it will help them in the future.

As a growing child, there are many health benefits for improving upper body strength. Strength training can help a child get on a lifetime path of better health and fitness. By having a stronger core, it will give kids more speed, agility, and balance but it will also help children develop their skills with eye-hand coordination, visual perception of distance, and lateral weight shift. Children start to naturally develop upper body strength through playing outside or through sports. It is important for kids to grow and nurture their upper body strength and grip because it will not only help their motor skills but will help kids stay healthy and fit. 

In addition, most kids are suffering from improper posture due to spending too much time hunched over their computers, phones, and desks. Make sure your kids have an idea what good posture is early on so it becomes a habit. The best way to achieve a balanced posture is to tone back and shoulder muscles. By strengthening their back and shoulder muscles, it will help hold the top half of their body up better. For instance, rock walls, monkey bars, parkour for kids are all great forms of gaining stronger arm, shoulder, and back muscles since they are only using their body strength to get around obstacles. At Gymja Warrior we provide kids of all age classes that are challenging and engaging, but still make it exciting for them to learn new techniques and help them express themselves through movement.

In conclusion, strength in kid’s upper body will help with mobility, flexibility, strength, and their range of motion. The upper body isn’t a single entity though so it’s important to work each different muscle groups to get the most benefits.  Sing up your children for Gymja Warrior here or call us at 978-810-5577 to strengthen their upper body in a fun and healthy way! Once they try one of our classes, they will be begging you to take them back!

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