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Benefits of Parkour for Children

Parkour, also known as free running, is a sport that is based off of a French military-designed training. This sport utilizes obstacle courses that involves extreme focus, a positive attitude, and physical abilities like running, climbing, jumping, and other various gymnastic maneuvers to get through urban areas in the most efficient and quickest way. Parkour is based on the natural workout of the animal kingdom which is through play- what kids are best at!

Through parkour kids will be able to learn how to control their movements and have better focus on their body and mind but still have fun. Learning parkour is great for kids who don’t really gravitate towards team sports, are shy about their physical conditions, or just lack motivation to get off the couch! For kids who are natural athletes, parkour can fine tune their abilities and condition them even further since this sport gives your kids a full body workout that promotes cardiovascular endurance, boost confidence, and helps develop bone and core strengths. Parkour not only encourages kids to play while using practical and fundamental movements, but it helps kids think on their feet quickly and be creative. Parkour requires kids to practice quick-thinking skills when going through the obstacles which can help kids trust their instinctive decisions in their everyday life. Free running also helps foster creativity in your children since every obstacle they meet in Parkour won’t have a clear solution. This means that kids must use their creativity to overcome any obstacle and find a solution themselves.
Parkour gives kids a positive way to direct their time and energy helping them form healthy exercise habits, instill a love of movement, and allow their creativity to be at the forefront. Gymja Warriors offers a variety of classes for kids of all ages! These classes will challenge them both physically and mentally through all the basic skills and techniques found in Parkour engaging kids with fun drills and games in a safe environment. At Gymja Warrior, kids will also learn the important aspects of Parkour philosophy, one of them being overcoming fear, and help kids express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles. Sign yourself or your children up for our classes here or contact us through our contact form to join and see the benefits of this fun and exciting way of exercising!