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How to Keep Your Little Ninjas Healthy!

Children, whether they are physically active or not, need to eat balanced meals and maintain a healthy diet! The kids who do workout, play sports, or has a higher level of activity should eat well balanced meals and snacks that will give them nutrients needed to perform well.  Athletic kids or teens will need to consume more food to keep up with their higher energy demands.

Besides getting the right amount of calories, kids needs a variety of vitamins and minerals to help them perform the best. Two important minerals children should intake daily Calcium and Iron. Calcium will help your build strong bones which will help prevent breaking and stress on fractures. Feed your kids calcium-rich food like low fat dairy products including milk, yogurt, cheese, and vegetables like broccoli.  Children should also eat food with lots of Iron which will help them carry oxygen to all their body parts. Serve your kids iron-rich food like lean meat, chicken, tuna, salmon, eggs, dried fruits, leafy green vegetable and fortified whole grains.  Your growing kids or teens should also have a good intake of protein. Protein helps build and repair muscles which most kids can get through a balanced diet through fish, lean meat and poultry, dairy products, beans, nuts, and soy products. But too much protein can lead to calcium loss and dehydration.  Don’t forget that your active kids will need carbohydrates which gives them energy. Carbohydrates are an important source of fuel for your children, without it your kids will be running on empty. Look for whole grain foods like whole wheat pasta, brown rice, whole grain bread and cereal, and fruits and vegetables.

With a physically active child, a balanced diet and plenty of fluids is key to having them stay healthy. The right amount of nutrients and minerals will enhance their performance and help them recognize how to keep a healthy diet.

kids eating healthy