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Gymja Warrior

Playing on Soft Play Obstacles Courses Lets Kids Test Their Limits

Do your kids turn your living room into a chaotic obstacle course for themselves? If so, it’s time to take your kids a gym with soft play obstacle courses that are specifically made for children with that adventurous spirit! At Gymja Warrior kids can take on fun but challenging ways of getting fit, solve problems and set goals at our obstacle gym. Kid’s motor skills coordination is developing so instill confidence in your children by letting them play on soft play courses! Early exposure to fun athletic environments will create appreciation for fitness and teach them how to express themselves through movement.

Kids will be able to become more coordinated, more flexible, and even gain a sense of accomplishment as they take on obstacle challenges and conquer them. Our gym focuses on improving full upper body strength to make them great athletes in any sport they take on. Gymja Warrior is a safe and fun haven for kids and young adult athletes offering non-stop physical interaction on our soft play obstacle courses while learning exciting moves and technique from Gymnastics, Parkour, Free Running, and Rock Climbing.

After taking one of our fitness classes, your kids won’t get enough of them! We also host unique birthday parties and exciting summer camp classes for children as well! Contact us at 978-810-5577 for more information about our soft play obstacles for kids or use our contact form here.