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Gymja Warrior

Are You Preparing for Your OCR Competition?

OCR stands for obstacle course racing which is a sport where competitors each travel on foot overcoming numerous obstacles that challenge their physical capabilities. These races have mud or trail runs that are combined in these obstacles and are individualized to result in mental and physical collapse. For example, American Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder are all competitions that are OCRs where athletes might have to climb high walls, carry heavy objects, traverse bodies of water, and go through other obstacles that are similar to military training that tests their endurance, strength , balance, speed, and dexterity.

Many athletes get ready for months and even years to participate in OCR competitions, but sometimes regular gyms won’t be enough to prepare for certain obstacles that are in these races. One solution is for competitors to create their own obstacles in their backyard but that will take a lot of time, money and effort. A more realistic solution, especially for city dwellers, is to join local ninja gyms that will help them train on similar obstacles they can find in these races.

Check out Gymja Warrior’s gym located in Danvers, MA to condition your body and mind for your next obstacle course race! We have coaches that have experiences in OCRs and our gym contains various, well-built obstacles to get you well prepped! Contact us at 978-810-5577 or use our contact form for more inquiries about our gym.