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Gymja Warrior

The Impact of Women in American Ninja Warrior

Jesse Graff

In a total of 8 seasons of American Ninja Warrior (ANW), many people have come and gone, especially women as they can hardly go past the first few stages of a course. Only a few women competitors have made their name renown, Kacy “The Mighty Kacy” Catanzaro, Jessie “Supergirl” Graff, Michelle Warnky, and Meagan Martin to name a few. In 2014, Catanzaro became the first woman to finish the qualifying and a city finals course after being the first woman to make it up the Warped Wall. In Season 8 (2016), Graff became the first woman in the show’s history to climb the new 14 ½-foot Warped Wall. Michelle Warnky made it to Mt. Midoriyama after being chosen as a wildcard, even though she did not complete the course. Meagan Martin was the first woman to successfully complete a city qualifying round in 2016. Their heroics have inspired many women who were watching the show and demonstrated that women can be as strong as men.
Our girls here at Gymja Warrior are inspired by actions of these powerful women on ANW and view them as role models. Many girls enrolled in our classes just to keep fit and stay healthy initially. However, after watching these amazing runs by these women on the show, some of them changed their mindsets about only men can finish an entire course in ANW. They now think a woman can be just as tough as a man not only on the show but in real life as well. After their mind-blowing performances, they have redefined the definition of strong for many people.

Catanzaro, Graff, Warnky, Martin, and other women demonstrated to everybody what they and all women are made of and capable of. Let’s hope that there would be more potential girls in the future breaking records after records on ANW.

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