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Why Summer Camp is Important for Kids

Summer camp can be one of the most rewarding and memorable experiences in a young child's life. Camp provides the kids who attend with a group of caring and encouraging mentors who want nothing more than to see them succeed. Camp is more than just fun, however, and can actually be a critical step in a child's overall growth and maturation.

If you are considering sending your kids to summer camp, here are some reasons why you should:

  • Boosting their self-esteem. When kids are at camp, they have to rely on themselves to make connections, not their parents. Kids learn the confidence that comes from making friends on their own without a safety net. By participating in new activities, such as parkour or tumbling, kids learn how capable they are at learning skills and growing as people.
  • Developing their social skills. Camp teaches kids how to communicate with each other and work together as part of a team. Campers are often asked to fulfill responsibilities that might not be expected of them elsewhere, all while learning to share available resources. These moments help foster a sense of community and a desire to participate.
  • Fostering a sense of independence. While attending camp, kids are able to make their own decisions within a safe environment with trained counselors and staff. Campers can find out what does and does not work with respect to their various activities, all while discovering new facets of themselves and their own thought processes.
  • Facing challenges and accomplishing goals. Kids feel comfortable while at camp, meaning they are much more likely to take small and healthy risks. Children also learn the significance of working hard to execute the objectives they have set for themselves. Camp allows these kids to set personal goals, all in a low-stress and supportive setting.
You will want to choose a summer camp that will not only be good for your kids, but will also fit into your hectic schedule. Here at Gymja Warrior, we have camps that run weekly, daily and even hourly. As long as your child wants to join in on the fun, there will be an option available to them.

To learn more about the summer camps Gymja Warrior offers, click here or contact us through our online form or by calling (978) 816-6767.