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Long-term Benefits of Afterschool Programs

At Gymja Warrior, we have many classes, such as our Gymja Warrior, Parkour, Tricking and Tumbling classes. In these classes, we teach students how to challenge themselves mentally and physically, how to be disciplined in their practice and how to get highly active. These are all taught in a safe and fun environment, as positive experiences with exercise really help younger people’s development. How much do these classes affect your children? How beneficial are these afterschool programs? Here are some ways that programs help after school hours positively affect students in the long-term.

Academic Achievement

Afterschool programs have seemed to make many improvements in younger children when it comes to academic achievement. This helps by improving classroom behavior, which ultimately helps to lead to improved test scores in math and reading.

Social & Emotional Development

When it comes to social and emotional development, afterschool programs seem to help in the sense that they can help to improve self-esteem and self-confidence. Alternatively, in young girls, even more of this development occurs. Young girls can get an improved body image, increased assertiveness, better self-efficacy and self-liking. As afterschool programs can feel like a safe space for younger children, it really helps them to view themselves later in life positively.

Health & Wellness

Programs held afterschool can be utilized to address the growing obesity problem by contributing to healthy lifestyles by increasing knowledge on exercise and nutrition. This is amazing because, once you are in the habit of exercising, it gets extremely easy to continue with that habit later into life. By creating healthy habits, you lead a healthier and happier lifestyle down the road.

With all of these incredible long-term benefits of being in an afterschool program, it shows that additional exercise and socialization really go a long way in future development. This being said, let your child join us today for our Gymja warrior, parkour, tricking and tumbling classes and see where it can take them! For additional information, feel free to contact us, or call us directly at 978-816-6767.