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Gymja Warrior in Danvers hosts Salem Academy Charter School for Team Building Event

Master Sensei Vince Klapper wasn’t surprised by the initial reaction of the 80 high school freshmen from Salem Academy Charter School when they piled into Gymja Warrior in Danvers last Friday.

“At first you could tell they were kind of like, ‘What’s this all about? What are we doing here?’” Klapper explained. “They were all kind of staying in their little groups and not really communicating with each other very much.”

Gymja Warrior Team Building Salem Charter School
But, as is usually the case when Gymja Warrior hosts one of its Team Building Events, before long the atmosphere among all of the participants changed dramatically. Suddenly, the small cliques  started to separate and intermingle and the gym got loud as the kids cheered wildly for one another. Everyone was encouraging each other as they went around the obstacle course. There was laughter. There was energy. There was camaraderie.

In other words, the students and teachers got exactly what they were hoping for out of the event.

“It’s really cool to see everyone cheering hard and working as a team, instead of individuals or small groups,” said Christine Titus, a teacher at the Salem Academy Charter School, as she looked around the room. “Most of these kids have not been here before and they didn’t know what to expect. So it’s great for them to be here to try something they’ve never done before, use different muscles and, most of all, interact with some kids they haven’t before. That’s why we’re here.”

Gymja Warrior regularly hosts Team Building Events for large groups, who come in and try out replicas of Ninja Warrior obstacle courses in fun and challenging ways while also enjoying the visually exciting and creative moves and techniques delivered by Boston’s finest Parkour athletes.

“We end up having just as much fun as them,” said Klapper, who was one of six Gymja Warrior trainers on hand to help out. “Because we get a huge kick out of seeing kids come in here who are intimidated at first, but then end up having the time of their life. That’s what this is all about. That’s what we try to do every day.

“We want people to come here and not just exercise their body, but also make new friends and gain confidence. That’s what we’re seeing happen today, and that’s how we know we’ve done our job. It’s very gratifying for us and enjoyable for them.”

If you would like to book your next Team Building Event with Gymja Warrior contact us directly at 978-816-6767.