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Benefits of Tumbling for Youths

Tumbling is a great activity, liked by both children and adults. While it can help to create healthy habits, leading to a healthy lifestyle, it is also extremely fun! Our tumbling class allows for students to learn maneuvers typically designated for parkour, gymnastics and cheerleading. While this is a fun activity for youths, it also has a lot of other benefits, that really help them down the road. Let’s look at some of these benefits and break them down individually.

Health Benefits

  • Develop Healthy Bones: Since tumbling is considered a weight-baring activity, it helps to build and strengthen the bones. This does not affect children much as a young age, but as they get older, there is a lower risk for broken bones, as well as osteoporosis.

  • Coordination & Flexibility: To tumble at a higher level, it is important to build up coordination, as well as flexibility in order to perform specific stunts. This will also help in the future, as coordination and flexibility are keys in not getting injured. The more flexible you are, the less likely you are to have a muscle or bone injury, and alongside this, coordination is essential to avoiding injury.

  • Disease Prevention: Tumbling classes can increase healthy behaviors and be a game changer when it comes to building a healthy lifestyle. It can help to prevent diseases such as obesity, heart disease, diabetes, asthma and cancer.

Emotional & Mental Wellbeing

  • Increased Cognitive Abilities: With the left and right side of the brain working together, tumbling can increase cognitive abilities of the brain. This can lead to higher test scores, as well as better classroom behavior.
  • Discipline: Having a class where you are pushing your body calls for self-control. Discipline is crucial and is something that really sticks in the long run.
  • Self-Esteem and Social Skills: Tumbling is an activity that is based on individuals, however, it can truly turn into a skill utilized in a team sport, such as gymnastics and cheerleading. Since it is individualistic, a lot comes from being able to land a certain move, or learning something new, which factors into the self-esteem factor, while also increasing social skills that will be a large element of everyday life.

Let your child join us today for our tumbling classes and see where it can take them! For additional information, feel free to contact us, or call us directly at 978-816-6767.


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