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5 Questions with Gymja Warrior Party Manager Adriana Urban


Hosting more than 20 parties a week, Gymja Warrior has quickly become a true leader in the birthday entertainment space over the last three years. Inspired by the hit TV show, American Ninja Warrior, Gymja Warrior ensures a one-of-a-kind, stress-free, birthday party experience for all ages.

Adriana Urban is Gymja Warrior’s Party Manager and spoke to us about why birthday parties have become such a resounding success for Gymja Warrior, what people should expect from a party at one of our locations and how our coaches make sure all participants leave with a smile on their face and looking forward to a return visit.

Adriana earned a Master of Business Administration degree from Endicott College in 2010 and lives in the North Shore area with her husband and 14-month-old daughter.

In your mind, why are Gymja Warrior birthday parties so popular?

I really believe it’s all about our coaches. They are so committed and encouraging and positive. They push the kids to do their best, challenge themselves and have fun. It’s a blast to watch them do their thing because they are so good at what they do. Sometimes the parents just sit there and watch the party in amazement at just how much fun the kids are having.

Do first-time visitors to Gymja Warrior sometimes feel intimidated when they first arrive?

Yes, sometimes there are kids who are shy or a little overwhelmed, but, once again, our coaches do an excellent job of interacting with them and motivating them to challenge themselves. By the end of the 90 minutes they have a new sense of confidence and can’t wait to come back for more.

What is the format of the parties?

All parties include a supervised 60 or 90 minute session of Gymja Warrior activities for a minimum of 10 kids. There is also an option to get 30 minutes in our dedicated Pizza Party area, where each kid gets one slice of pizza and if that’s not enough, additional food can be ordered. We also provide candles, napkins, plates, silverware and a free Gymja Warrior t-shirt for the birthday boy/girl. Additional shirts and/or water bottles can be purchased as party favors. All the parents have to bring is a cake and drinks. Our staff takes care of everything else, including setup and clean up.

What is the most common feedback you hear from people that have parties at Gymja Warrior?

I think people are surprised that you don't have to be an active person or an athletic person in order to come to our parties and have fun. The coaches will tailor all of the activities so that they are age and ability appropriate for everyone at the party.

The best part is that the kids are working out, but they don’t even know they are working out because they are having so much fun. Many of our guests at Gymja Warrior were first introduced to the gym by coming to a birthday party. And we’ve had parties for kids as young as five and for adults as old as 30. It doesn’t matter what the age group is. Everybody alway seems to have a great time.

What tips do you have for parents who are looking to host a party at Gymja Warrior?

The most important things to do are pick a date that works for everyone and decide on how big you want the party. The minimum is 10 people and the max is 60. After that, we pretty much take care of everything else. Our goal is to make the entire experience stress-free, easy and fun!

To read reviews and hear feedback about Gymja Warrior parties, please visit our Facebook Page. To book your party or for more information, visit the Parties Section of our website, call Adriana at 978.816.8005, or email her at