Burlington, MA is a town located in Middlesex County, and is situated right near Route 128. Being the perfect suburb for families 
with members working in Boston, Burlington is the perfect place for people to settle down and create a great family life outside of the city. As it is a great town for families, it is a great town for children. This being said, Gymja Warrior offers children a great afterschool program, as well as many other opportunities, such as free gym and birthday parties.

Located about 30 minutes away from our flagship Danvers location, Gymja Warrior classes are readily available for the residents of Burlington, MA. Residents of Burlington can visit our open gym, inspired by the hit television show American Ninja Warrior, and sign up for any of the classes we have available. Our classes are open to
5-9golden_copyeverybody, regardless of skill level or physical ability; we pride ourselves on our work developing the body strength and agility of those who come to our gym, but prior experience is not necessary. You just need to come with a free mind and a sense of adventure!

With almost 25,000 people, of that there is almost 10,000 households, and about 6,000 families. Because of this, the amount of children in the area is very high, and as a matter of fact, almost 24% of this population is people aged 18 or younger. That is one fourth of the population being children, which is the perfect chance for us to step in. With many young people wanting to try out the moves and obstacle course they see on TV, we offer a safe and friendly environment for all of these things.

At Gymja Warrior, our aim is to help students of all ages improve themselves in a number of different ways, from the way they move from point A to point B to their creative thinking capabilities. If you are interested in working out in a new and exciting way, be sure to fill our online contact form or reach out to us directly over the phone at (978) 816-6767. Walk-ins are always welcome, so do not be shy in coming to one of our two locations to see what we are all about. More information can be found on the rest of our website.

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