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Gymja Warrior provides the community of Danvers, Massachusetts with its unique indoor gym. We are a local gym with fitness classes that are designed to meet each student’s skill level with individual coaching. The adults and children of Danvers go to Gymja Warrior’s gym to learn how to express themselves through movement on a variety of obstacles. These obstacles will focus on improving upper body strength in fun but challenging ways while teaching creative moves and techniques found in gymnastics, parkour, free-running and rock climbing. Danvers is only 30 minutes away from the city of Boston making it convenient for our customers living in the city to drive to our location. Gymja Warrior’s mission is to have a safe and fun haven for both children and adults of Danvers that want to learn challenging and unique ways of getting fit, solving problems, and setting goals. Get your kids and yourself in shape in an exciting but challenging way with Gymja Warrior, contact us to book a class here or visit our website today!
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