Kevin Beakey

Lifetime lover of athletics, has competed in football, lacrosse, skiing, swimming/diving, and golf All-Central Connecticut Conference for Football (defensive-end), as well as playing two years at Endicott College.Seven-year instructor in freestyle skiing at Mount Snow, Vermont Current member of the Boston Celtics Dunk Team

Why Kevin likes Gymja:

“Many don’t know this but growing up I had a lot of problems with kids in school due to my weight, enough to transfer schools multiple times. People from my past see me now and have trouble understanding how I evolved into the person that I am…That is why I love working at Gymja, because we give kids a sense of confidence that they can’t seem to find with their peers socially or in athletics yet, and I like to be the one to show them that there is a very bright light at the end of the tunnel. I also love taking kids that are considered to be good athletes and challenge them in a different way to make them better. My motto has been to pay attention to the ‘little victories’ in anything that you do, because it forces one to look at any challenge they face, or any failure they may endure, in a positive light. That’s how I believe you really bring out progress in people; by learning to turn failure into success.”

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