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Gymja Warrior is open to residents of Lexington, MA. Located just 30 minutes from our main Danvers location, those living in Lexington can take full advantage of our parkour classes, special events and daily summer camps. Our open gym was inspired by the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior, and students of all skill levels and athletic ability are welcome to participate in one of our classes. We work to develop both the minds and bodies of those who walk through our doors, but prior experience in tumbling or parkour is not at all necessary. Students only need an open mind and willingness to try.

Lexington, MA, has a population of just over 31,000 citizens and nearly 11,000 households, meaning there are plenty of people of all ages looking to take advantage of our convenient location. The kids and adults of Lexington can learn how to express themselves, think creatively and build up their upper body strength by participating in one of our classes. We are not your typical gym, but we really encourage those who come to us to open their minds to our exciting and visually stimulating exercises. Come visit our indoor gym to learn challenging ways to get fit and accomplish all of your set goals.

If you have any further questions about the classes we offer to students or membership opportunities, please reach us online using our contact form or call us at (978) 810-5577.
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