Luke Packer

Luke Packer, a Sophomore at Endicott College has been a competitive, ardent athlete his whole life. Dedicated to hockey and lacrosse since a child, he played varsity ice hockey and lacrosse for Triton high school in Newbury, MA and participated in both sports during a post grad year at Bridgton Academy in Maine. Luke has dedicated several hours on and off the playing turf acting as both a team player as well as a leader; volunteering at numerous summer camps for younger children. One of his favorite memories being a coach to disabled children helping them skate and enjoy the sport he loves.

Now as a trainer at Gymja, he challenges both himself and his subjects to push themselves to perform at their absolute best, but also to have fun at the same time. "Athletics were always a big part of my life growing up and some of my biggest role models were my coaches who were constantly pushing me to be even better and work even harder, so to be able to do that for kids whose position I was in not to long ago, even just for an hour, is one of the most rewarding feelings I can have." Luke hopes to continue to learn more techniques and continue to become a better leader at the gym and continue to bring fun and competition to everyone who steps into the gym.

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