We are now providing unique fitness classes at our local indoor gym to the people of Melrose, MA, at Gymja Warrior! Melrose is a suburban town with over 7,000 families residing in the city, located only 20 minutes away from our main location. Both kids and adults of Melrose can progressively learn how to express themselves through movement on all types of obstacles focusing on improving upper body strength in challenging ways while teaching visually exciting moves and techniques found in gymnastics, parkour, free running and rock climbing.

Gymja Warrior's goal is to build strong upper bodies to make them great athletes in any sport. Through play, we are making it as fun as possible so that our athletes will not realize they are working out. Come to our indoor gym to learn challenging ways to get fit, solve problems and set goals today! Reach us through our website to book one of our classes or use our contact form if you have any questions about our services. 

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