Michael Ramirez

A 25 year old man with ambitions to become a stunt performer and a coach for young kids and teenagers. He wishes to provide an opportunity for kids that he, himself did not have at a young age. Michael got his start after being inspired by a show called, "Mighty Morphing Power Rangers" since then he had always had the drive to learn what he saw on television, which included a variety of martial arts and tumbling. It wasn't before long that he discovered that what he had been doing had an actual name to it; Tricking. After learning this at the age of 15, he had spent day after day learning skills he would watch on the internet. Fast forward a decade and now he is a talented performer and a coach for kids of all ages. He is always learning how to improve upon his skills as a coach and an acrobat. A common philosophy of his goes; "You can be great at something, but you can always be better!"

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