Located in the Essex County of Massachusetts, Middleton is known to be one of the fastest growing towns in the Commonwealth, as well as its diverse community. Gymja Warrior provides the local residents of Middleton unique fitness and personal training classes. Come to our gym where we have challenging but exciting obstacles for both kids and adults! Our classes are designed to meet our students' skill levels and provide individual coaching in limited class sizes. Gymja Warrior provides the children and adults of Middleton ways to improve their upper body strength by using techniques found in gymnastics, parkour, free running and rock climbing. Our unique gym offers a variety of classes for all ages at our main location in Danvers, MA, which is only 12 minutes away from Middleton. Exercise in a new way with your kids or friends and sign up for our Gymja Warrior classes on our site or use our contact form if you have any questions about our gym!
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