Gary Trask
Gary Trask
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 9:00 PM

Become a Gymja Warrior Annual Member and Save Big!

Looking for that perfect holiday gift for the little ninjas on your list? Look no further than our new Gymja Warrior annual memberships, which offer thousands of dollars in savings in classes, summer camps, birthday parties and guest passes.

Gary Trask
Gary Trask
Wednesday, December 6, 2017 11:23 AM

Gymja Warrior Named One of 'Most Unique' Places in the U.S. for Birthday Parties

Gymja Warrior has quickly become one of the most popular venues on the North Shore to host kids’ birthday parties, but now we are receiving national acclaim for our events, as KidsParties.Party recently named Gymja Warrior to its list of the "17 Most Unique Places in the U.S. to Have Kids Birthday Parties.”
Monday, November 27, 2017 5:33 PM

Gymja Warrior Master Sensei defines the word 'Parkour'

Gymja Warrior Master Sensei Vince explains what 'Parkour' means to him and how and why it could help improve your every day life.
Wednesday, November 8, 2017 10:47 AM

Gymja Warrior Awards All Local Honor Roll Students With Free Gym Time

Students of all ages receive a free class or one-hour of free gym time by presenting a Honor Roll or Dean’s List certificate at the Danvers or Woburn location, seven days a week
Wednesday, October 25, 2017 12:05 PM

The 5 Best Fitness Exercises for Children

Nowadays, it is important to get your kids up and moving. It is important not only for physical health but for mental and overall health as well. Doing exercises as children can help to increase test scores, as well as decrease chance of disease and illness in the future.
Monday, October 23, 2017 12:16 PM

5 Questions with Gymja Warrior Party Manager Adriana Urban

Gymja Warrior Party Manager Adriana Urban explains why our birthday parties have become so popular, how the coaches ensure everyone has a great time and provides tips on what parents should expect when booking a party at one of our locations.
Wednesday, October 18, 2017 1:05 PM

What is Parkour?

Parkour has become increasingly popular in the United States in the past decade or so. While it is heavily represented in action movies, such as the James Bond films, it has also become popular as an activity, or hobby, as well.
Thursday, September 28, 2017 10:32 AM

Professional Acrobat Raymond Butler Joins Gymja Warrior Team

Master Sensei Raymond Butler didn't become a Guinness World Record holder by accident. He fully committed himself to being the very best he could be, and now he has brought that same burning desire and intense dedication to Gymja Warrior.
Tuesday, September 26, 2017 9:31 AM

Benefits of Tumbling for Youths

Tumbling is a great activity, liked by both children and adults. While it can help to create healthy habits, leading to a healthy lifestyle, it is also extremely fun!
Tuesday, September 19, 2017 5:04 PM

Gymja Warrior in Danvers hosts Salem Academy Charter School for Team Building Event

The 80 students from Salem Academy Charter School got exactly what they were hoping for out of the Team Building Event last Friday at the Gymja Warrior location in Danvers.
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