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What is Parkour?

For people who are not familiar with Parkour, the idea of it can be somewhat intimidating. The Parkour philosophy, however, is one of overcoming fear, solving problems and accomplishing the goals that you set for yourself.
Monday, May 8, 2017 8:53 AM

The Advantages of Summer Camp

Here are a few of the advantages of sending your children to a Gymja Warrior daily summer camp.
Monday, April 24, 2017 10:56 AM

The Health Benefits of Parkour Exercises

Here are a few of the major health benefits of parkour, and why it is something everyone should try at least once.
Wednesday, November 2, 2016 3:09 PM

The Impact of Women in American Ninja Warrior

Jesse Graff

In a total of 8 seasons of American Ninja Warrior (ANW), many people have come and gone, especially women as they can hardly go past the first few stages of a course. Only a few women competitors have made their name renown, Kacy “The Mighty Kacy” Catanzaro, Jessie “Supergirl” Graff, Michelle Warnky, and Meagan Martin to name a few. In 2014, Catanzaro became the first woman to finish the qualifying and a city finals course after being the first woman to make it up the Warped Wall. In Season 8 (2016), Graff became the first woman in the show’s history to climb the new 14 ½-foot Warped Wall. Michelle Warnky made it to Mt. Midoriyama after being chosen as a wildcard, even though she did not complete the course. Meagan Martin was the first woman to successfully complete a city qualifying round in 2016. Their heroics have inspired many women who were watching the show and demonstrated that women can be as strong as men.
Our girls here at Gymja Warrior are inspired by actions of these powerful women on ANW and view them as role models. Many girls enrolled in our classes just to keep fit and stay healthy initially. However, after watching these amazing runs by these women on the show, some of them changed their mindsets about only men can finish an entire course in ANW. They now think a woman can be just as tough as a man not only on the show but in real life as well. After their mind-blowing performances, they have redefined the definition of strong for many people.

Catanzaro, Graff, Warnky, Martin, and other women demonstrated to everybody what they and all women are made of and capable of. Let’s hope that there would be more potential girls in the future breaking records after records on ANW.

Contact Gymja Warrior at (978) 810-5577 in Danvers, MA and we could help your child to become stronger and healthier via our parkour, tricking, tumbling, and Gymja Warrior classes.
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Learn More about Sensei Kevin of Gymja Warrior


A couple of weeks ago, we got a chance to learn more about Master Sensei Vince aka "The Ninjarine". If you haven't read about his past experiences with parkour and how game shows like Sasuke and Ninja Warrior have influenced him, you can check it out here

This week, we were able to interview another wonderful Sensei here at Gymja Warrior, Sensei Kevin. We all know that he is a lifetime lover of athletics being involved in lacrosse, golf, played several years of college football, seven-year instructor in freestyle skiing at Mount Snow, Vermont, and current member of the Boston Celtics Dunk Team. 

However, we want to know more about Kevin and his past experiences with parkour and Ninja Warrior obstacles. Here are some questions that we asked Kevin

  • Did learning parkour help you with doing other sports?
Absolutely, way more than I ever would have imagined it could. I had played a whole variety of sports throughout my life as well as playing football in college and I can honestly say I have never felt more athletic than I do after learning and continuously practicing these techniques. It taught me how to efficiently use all the strength that I had gained from lifting all those years, if I had gone to a place like this when I was a kid or in high school, there is no doubt I could have gone to a Division 1 school for football.

  • How did parkour influence your life?
I look at the world and the landscape differently, just walking around I almost feel like a child again in that I look at stationary objects and immediately think about different ways to climb them or practice some of the techniques I have learned.

  • What got you into teaching at Gymja Warriors?
I've grown up in freestyle skiing and had always been interested in the freedom of movement aspect of parkour, because it is like freestyle skiing in any given landscape, so when I was given the opportunity to start coaching here and learn those techniques as well as get to train on ninja warrior level obstacles I couldn’t turn it down.

  • What’s your favorite trick or move to teach kids at Gymja Warrior?
I would have to say either getting up the warped wall or how to do a front flip, because both of them are a huge accomplishment not only for kids but really anybody.

  • How can learning Parkour or training on Ninja Warrior Obstacles help a kid’s future?
Over time it is a huge confidence builder, but it’s a process. We first teach kids how to fail and deal with that failure to motivate them in achieving their goals. I can't tell you how many kids have started classes here with the inability to do much of anything in the gym, and within a couple weeks are flying up the walls or through other obstacles that we have here. It's an amazing feeling to watch that progress both in their athletic ability and self-confidence when they achieve their goals and beat the obstacles they have been working on.
  • What is your motto?
“It's all about the rally”…Bad things happen to literally everyone, but I always look to find a little victory in those situations or focus on a way to learn from the mistakes so that you can create a positive solution and get better from them.

  • What is it like to a member of the Celtics Dunk Team?
IT IS AWESOME!! Its hard to even consider that a job, but it is the greatest opportunity that I have had so far in my life and it wouldn’t even have been a consideration if it wasn’t for Gymja Warrior. There is nothing like performing for 20,000 screaming Celtics fans at the garden, and it's an absolute privilege to be associated with that organization.

Last question for Sensei Kevin:

  • Would you consider trying out for Ninja Warriors?
100%, keep an eye out for me in the 2017 Ninja Warrior season.

We wish him good luck on his quest to the grand prize of $1,000,000 on the show. 

If you or you have kids that are interested in parkour courses and Ninja Warrior inspired obstacles, contact us at 978-810-5577 or fill out a contact form now.
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American Ninja Warrior Dad Trains His Daughter In His Backyard

The internet went viral this week when a video of a fan of the NBC game show, American Ninja Warrior filming his 5-year-old daughter running a game show-inspired obstacle course in his backyard. 

Check out this video:

Gymja Warrior is proud to provide children and adults in the Danvers, Middleton, Reading, Melrose & Andover, MA area with iconic obstacles inspired by the popular show American Ninja Warrior. We want to help kids and adults get in shape while having fun at our location inside the Danvers Indoor Sports Center. 

Contact us for more information about our parkour classes and Gymja obstacles.
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Are You Preparing for Your OCR Competition?

OCR stands for obstacle course racing which is a sport where competitors each travel on foot overcoming numerous obstacles that challenge their physical capabilities. These races have mud or trail runs that are combined in these obstacles and are individualized to result in mental and physical collapse. For example, American Ninja Warrior, Spartan Race, Tough Mudder are all competitions that are OCRs where athletes might have to climb high walls, carry heavy objects, traverse bodies of water, and go through other obstacles that are similar to military training that tests their endurance, strength , balance, speed, and dexterity.

Many athletes get ready for months and even years to participate in OCR competitions, but sometimes regular gyms won’t be enough to prepare for certain obstacles that are in these races. One solution is for competitors to create their own obstacles in their backyard but that will take a lot of time, money and effort. A more realistic solution, especially for city dwellers, is to join local ninja gyms that will help them train on similar obstacles they can find in these races.

Check out Gymja Warrior’s gym located in Danvers, MA to condition your body and mind for your next obstacle course race! We have coaches that have experiences in OCRs and our gym contains various, well-built obstacles to get you well prepped! Contact us at 978-810-5577 or use our contact form for more inquiries about our gym.
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Throw a Unique Birthday Party This Year!

Birthdays are an exciting time for most so spend your special day with friends and family at Gymja Warrior! Our unique indoor gym is inspired by the TV show American Ninja Warriors where our guests can learn how to do Parkour moves and tricks on our iconic obstacle courses. No matter what age you are turning, Gymja Warrior will make sure you have the most original, memorable and fun birthday party!

We want to make sure birthday parties at our gym are stress-free for parents so we make sure everything is included! From the food, the party themed utensils and plates to the fun obstacle course activities and a t-shirt for the birthday boy/girl is included in a typical birthday party event at Gymja Warrior! Not only do we specialize in hosting birthday parties for both adults and kids but other events like corporate outings, team building events, performance shows, and private events as well. With our Ninja Warrior obstacle course replicas, experience learning about your own body strength in a challenging but enjoyable way. You can also enjoy watching visually exhilarating and original moves and techniques performed by Boston’s finest Parkour athletes at Gymja Warrior for your birthday party or for other special occasions!

Plan something cool but different for you or your kid’s birthday and celebrate it with us at Gymja Warrior this month! Our unique gym offers many fun activities to try for all ages and is the perfect place to throw an event of any kind. Contact us at 978-810-5577 or use our contact form to find available dates to have your birthday party at Gymja Warrior with your family and friends!
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Benefits of Kids Joining Summer Camps

As parents you want your children to have the best opportunities in life. Summer camps can create amazing memories and experiences for children while they are out of school! They could learn about self-reliance, teamwork, life skills, and self-esteem by going to summer camp.  

Summer camp is a valuable resource for giving children a sense of belonging to a community of their own. Children attending summer camps can develop not only mentally, emotionally, and morally, but physically as well. It’s even said that kids that had summer camp experiences resulted in being healthier and has less problems. In addition, children will be able to meet new friends while learning new things helping them create a sense of belonging, acceptance and appreciation. At camp, kids learn to get along with others, gain self-esteem, and learn responsibility which can be a great foundation of growth in their home and school life as well. Summer camps, like the one at Gymja Warrior, allow kids to learn how to problem solve, be more agile, set goals, and get fit in a safe and fun way! Contact Gymja Warrior at 978-810-5577 this week to sign your kids up for a unique summer camp experience that they will love! Or use our contact form for more inquires about our summer camp services!
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Get To Know Sensei Vince!


• What got you into learning Parkour?

I’ve been into comics, video games, and outdoor exploring all my life. I used to go out in my 20 acre back yard and pretend to be my favorite action hero or video game character. Looking back on it, I was just being a kid. I would run through the woods, jumping over stumps, climbing over fallen trees, and sometimes slide down hills. It wasn’t until I was 18 when the name Parkour became a part of my vocabulary.

• How long did you train for Ninja Warriors when you tried out?

Without realizing, I’ve really been training for Ninja Warrior my whole life. Although I didn’t actually get into fitness until I left the Marines. I would have to say I only trained specify for Ninja Warrior for a bout 6 months before I got called back for ANW 6 in St. Louis.

• What workout exercises did you use in your training?

My training wasn’t too crazy. I stuck with training Parkour outside and anytime I got the chance I did pull-ups, or climbed a rope. I started doing more rock climbing, lifting weights, and running just to keep myself confident that I was strong enough to do well.

• What influenced you to try out for Ninja Warriors?

I’ve watched Ninja Warrior on T.V. since I was 14 and maybe even younger than that. It just fit with the things I was already doing. I used to watch every episode of the Japanese show Sasuke, which is where Ninja Warrior was created. I remember distinctly telling my Mom and my Grandma that I WILL be on that show one day, and, well the rest is history.

 How did you get into teaching for kids at Gymja Warriors?

I was in the Marines so leading people, and teaching new people became apart of my life. When I was stationed in Japan I volunteered to be an Instructor at the Young Marine unit on my base. The Young Marines are similar to Boy Scouts except they are heavy on military and Marine Corps knowledge. I was a Young Marine as a kid so I thought it would be good to give back and teach kids how to be Young Marines. This is where I knew I wanted to be a teacher and help mold our youth into something great. When I left the Marines and moved to Massachusetts I found a job at a local gymnastics gym coaching Parkour. I loved coaching there and I coached there for some time. When I was asked to create a program and build a gym called Gymja Warrior, I couldn’t pass this opportunity up!

• What’s your favorite trick or move you like to teach? And why?

Most people who know me would probably say my favorite trick is a backflip because I do it all the time. I think my favorite trick is a Lache, more commonly known as swinging from one bar and jumping to the next. It’s just so fun to swing from your arms, launch yourself, and catch on to something else! It feels like I’m in a video game.

• How do you think Gymja Warriors could benefit kids?

Normal activity in general can benefit everyone. What we do at Gymja is focus on basic human movements that students may not be using in their everyday life. Then, we get into fixing improper form and building coordination. The more the student progresses in their movement, strength, and understanding of what they’re body can do; the better they will be at other sports, activities, or everyday tasks that their used to already. Gymja doesn’t just benefit the body. Boosting confidence, getting over fears, and instilling discipline is what we do best.

• What is your motto?

I’ve had many mottos over the years, but the one that has stuck with me the best is, “Practice brings Progress, NOBODY is Perfect!”
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