Parties and Events at Gymja Warrior Danvers & Woburn or bring Gymja to your event or party with our Gymja 2 GO program!!


Gymja Warrior Birthday Parties

Parties at Gymja Warrior have been designed to be the most original, fun and memorable birthday parties ever! In our unique gym set up inspired by American Ninja Warrior, our guests will be able to learn age appropriate Parkour moves combined with iconic obstacle courses. Our Sensei’s will make this event unique adding visually exciting and creative moves and techniques that characterize their coaching styles. If you are turning 5, 10 or 50, we are sure that we will have something to make your day amazing. Trust us, we are professionals in having fun!

At Gymja Warrior, we want to make Birthday parties stress free for parents. That is why he have included almost everything for your peace of mind!

This is what you will get : 
• 60 minutes of Gymja Warrior obstacle course activities. (free time, instruction, games and much more)
• 30 minutes in designated  Pizza Party Area  
• Plates, cups, napkins, candles and party staff to serve, set up and clean up!
• 1 slice of pizza per kid. ( additional pizza may be ordered )
• Free Gymja Warrior t-shirt for birthday boy/girl. ( Additional T-Shirt or water bottles for sale as party favors) 
• Minimum of 10 kids per party package. Maximum of 60 kids. ( Joint parties, if you have a party for siblings or twins, one kids is considered free and the other one is considered a guest.)
*** If you don't want to host a pizza party area, we may extend your time at the gym for 90 with no additional cost if available upon your reservation.
*** If you want to extend your time at the gym to 90 minutes and still have the pizza party, the extra cost is $50. ** Must chose by the time of booking
*** You can bring your group of up to 12 kids to a 90 minute age appropriate CLASS and reserve the party area right after your class if needed.

Gymja Warrior Special Events

Events at Gymja Warrior have been designed to be the most original, fun and memorable ever! In our unique gym set up, your group will be able to create the perfect team building activities in replicas of Ninja Warrior obstacle courses while experience body strength in fun, challenging ways or simply mixing all up and enjoying the visually exciting and creative moves and techniques with a performance delivered by Boston’s finest Parkour Athletes.

• Adult Birthday Parties
• PTO Fundraisers  ( on site or at your school)
• Team Building Events
• Sports team Outings 
• Private Event
• Performance Shows 

Gymja Warrior Coorporate Wellness Program.

Here at Gymja Warrior, we understand the importance of corporate wellness. Whether it’s providing a great workout for your employees or creating a one-of-a-kind bonding experience with with your company or clients, we’ve got the tools and experience to push your business environment to the next level.

Why Gymja Warrior?
Gymja Warrior has created a proven curriculum to improve the overall health and fitness of those who perform it.
Gymja Warrior challenges our community and promotes teamwork
Gymja Warrior makes it so fun that people don't even know they are working out.

Having healthy, happy employees are important for every company regardless of size. While it has been scientifically proven that exercise  is important to boost workplace happiness and overall productivity. Let Gymja Warrrior help you achieve your business goals through fitness through hour special pricing and hours for your needs. ( Please contact us at for more information on pricing and how you can take advantage of group discount packages!)

Corporate Events

Ever heard of corporate outings that involved working out? How about working out like the Ninja Warrior contestants seen on TV!
Looking to run a company outing or event? We are happy to offer both on and off-site training for large and small groups. Luckily for Gymja Warrior, we have been able to accommodate hundreds of corporate events with small and big companies with local employees and people coming in from around the world.
When people work out together, they bond! They get to know each other better and most importantly, they will create a team building atmosphere like no where else.
There is no better way to reinforce the team environment while promoting a healthy lifestyle. Contact us today at

                       Birthday Party Packages
           All guests most create account to accept Waiver
           Call 978-816-8005 to book Woburn & Danvers
  • Birthday Kid + 10 Kids $299 - PAY here
    (Extra guest $20/Each up to 50+ kids)
    *Payment must be received within 24hrs of reservation
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