Gymja Warrior is a local gym that offers fitness classes for all age groups to the community of Reading. Our unique gym is only 16 minutes away from Reading making it convenient to visit before or after work and school! At Gymja Warrior, our classes are designed to show progress from class to class, challenging kids and adults with a combination of obstacle courses and Parkour obstacles. Our classes are focused on upper and lower body strength development, agility, endurance and creative movements.

Located in Middlesex County, Reading, MA, is a town that many would consider to be suburban. While it is located about 16 minutes from our gym, it is also only 16 miles from the center of Boston, making it a town very close to the city. This ties into the suburban feel because many families, especially ones with parents working in the city, have made Reading their home. With a population of about 25000, there is plenty of opportunity in this town. With many potential students living in this town, we want you to know that we provide some of the best classes for young adults and children. With 10,000 households, as well as 6,000 families in the area that we have the ability to serve.

Students will be both mentally and physically challenged learning the basic techniques found in parkour, gymnastics, free running, and rock climbing while engaging in creative drills and games in a safe environment. This is the perfect workout for the mind and the body. The things the students learn while in classes here have been known to transfer into the classroom, as well as home, showing better behavior, discipline and test scores. Work out in a fun, exciting way with your kids and friends at Gymja Warriors! Call us at 978-816-6767 or contact us via our contact form for more inquiries about our classes!

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