Master Sensei Vince, AKA "THE Ninjarine"

Age: 26
From: Waynesburg, Ohio
Resides: Boston
Family: Wife and two Chihuahuas, Tutu and Bimo
Credentials: Member of Boston Celtics Dunk Team, Martial Artists, Seven-year Parkour and Freerunning athlete, National Personal Training Institute graduate, Level 2 Certified Fitness instructor

At age 14, Vince was heavily influenced by the Japanese Show, G4 TVs’ Ninja Warrior, and began building little obstacles behind his parents’ house without realizing the path he began to pave himself. Being a stuntman was a childhood dream, and he was constantly climbing cliffs and pulling off the occasional backflip here and there.

He officially began practicing Parkour just after joining the Marines when he realized there was actually a name for the things he had done as a young teenager. In the beginning it was all about being different, self-expression, and having something new to do. It later became much more about freedom of movement, gaining confidence, becoming stronger, testing limitations, and being aware of your surroundings.

Better put, Parkour isn’t just something Vince does; it’s a Martial Art, a discipline, a way of life. It’s a way to stay on your toes, to think four moves ahead, and to expect the unexpected. His moto is, “Never give up on what you love. Train hard, practice and always grow. With practice brings progression, NO ONE’S perfect.” Above all, he uses Parkour as a constant reminder not to take what you have for granted, because some WHERE some ONE is doing more than you with LESS.

A little video of what theNinjarine can do

Having fun at Gymja Warrior video

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