Gymja Warrior is proud to serve the town of Woburn, MA, with our new facility! Now residents of Woburn can visit our latest indoor gym inspired by the hit television series American Ninja Warrior, located just 20 minutes from our flagship Danvers location. Our classes vary for all ages and athletic skill level; kids can learn the basics of tricking, tumbling and parkour, while adults can participate in more advanced Gymja Warrior classes. We focus on helping people develop their upper and lower body strength, agility, physical endurance and creative thinking.

Located in Middlesex County, Woburn, Massachusetts, is within a very close proximity to the city; that city being Boston. With a population of about 38,000, Woburn, MA, houses our second location for Gymja Warrior. This town is pretty large, and within a close vicinity to Boston, which makes it the perfect opportunity to reach as many families, young adults, and children as possible. 

Bordered by the towns of Wilmington, Reading, Stoneham, Winchester, Lexington, and Burlington, Woburn has a lot of businesses, as well as neighbors with booming business. Being located near 128 really pushes the fact that there are tech companies, which has related to this economic boom. With 15000 households, as well as 10000 families, Woburn was the perfect location for our second location, and we wouldn't want it any other way!

Students will be both physically and mentally challenged in our classes, engaging in innovative drills and games in a safe and encouraging environment. We want everybody to work out in a fun and exciting way! Come exercise in a new manner with your friends and family members at our unique gym by joining a class through our website. If you have any additional questions, reach us online using our contact form or over the phone at (978) 816-6767.

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