Building Strength, Coordination, and Problem Solving Through Our Multitude of Gymja Warrior Classes

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is focused on building strength through a variety of movements, with a multitude of classes including American Ninja Warrior obstacle training, Parkour, Tricking, Flipping, and Freerunning. All of our age appropriate classes are designed to meet our student’s skill levels with limited class sizes taught by passionate and experienced coaches. In addition to our classes we also offer frequent Open Training available


is our passion for Ninja training and Parkour, and our highly talented and skilled coaches. Our classes and disciplines will challenge our students core strength, upper bodies, agility, and leg strength.

We teach our student discipline, self respectrespect for others and achieving through failure.

We give back to our communities through fundraisers, charitable donations, and charity support.


If you’re new to Ninja obstacle training or Parkour we offer FREE 30 minute intro classes in all locations to show you everything you’ll get out of Gymja Warrior!

Program Details
Free Intro Class


Our MISSION is to develop today’s youth into tomorrow’s leaders by fun and challenging exercise, problem solving, and personal goal setting.

Our GOAL is to build our student’s coordination, balance, and upper/lower body strength to make them great athletes in any sport. Through play and constant challenge we are making it as fun as possible so our athletes won’t realize they are working out.

Location & Hours

We’re located in the new Maynard Crossing complex

​Gymja Warrior Maynard
​15 Digital Way, Suite 8
Maynard, MA 01954

Hours vary by day based on the schedule
​​Parties and private events available. Contact us for more information!