Little Ninjas (Age 4-5)

Youth Ninja

Ninja 1 (Age 6-8)

Ninja 2 (Age 9-11)

Ninja 3 (Age 12+)

Ninja 4 (Advanced)

60 minute class 60 minute class 60 minute class 60 minute class

Ninja Warrior

Obstacle Course Training classes are designed to build upper body strength, lower body explosiveness, and core strength as well as balance and coordination through challenging students on a variety of obstacles. Swinging from rings, striding through the quintuple steps, and floor-is-lava like balance courses are the norm! And don’t forget the Warped Wall! We make sure our students stay highly active in these classes to promote physical fitness, but give a variety of progressions for all movements that are taught to accommodate and challenge all skill levels from first timers to experts! ​

Ninja Warrior Competition Team


The Art of Movement. Learning how to run, jump and climb in the most efficient (or flashy) ways possible.  Students will start with the basics; proper landing techniques, rolls, and vaults to efficiently get from point A to point B. Moving up, Parkour students will expand their skills and start fundamentals of flips. Continuing to the invitation only Level 4 Parkour classes students further hone their skills to conquer advanced flips and Freerunning.


Our non-traditional “gymnastics” style classes work on the base understanding of flipping, generating momentum, and spatial awareness to build a strong core and body awareness.. Through these classes our students will learn the fundamentals of being in the air and the steps it takes to perform an acrobatic skill successfully. With numerous coaches as current and former professional acrobats in the NBA, parkour athletes, or martial artists these classes are guaranteed to help each student level up their skills in a safe and fun environment!
Beginners will start to develop their techniques for basic front, back, and side flips. Intermediates will begin to sharpen their basic flips and build toward adding variations.  Advanced classes will build off of the foundation set in the prior levels to master their techniques and start to add elite variations.
Class is held primarily on our carpet-bonded foam spring floor, and our Olympic style trampoline.